Saturday, November 19, 2011


Well It's that time of year again and as a child in elementary I grew up singing this song called "A Thanksgiving Poem" by Lydia Maria Child. I happen to search the internet and found this site:  The neatest thing that I have learned recently is that she had married one of my so-many-great-uncles. This is why I enjoy doing genealogy. You get to see how your lineage is lined up. Who you are related to and what they have done in their past.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Expirimenting with editing my photos and this is what I got!

                                                                  JUST PLAIN EERIE

Taking photos with Camera

I live in this area and Love the Colors that the Housing decided to use.

Nothing better than getting a Picture of your family with a Totem pole, then Editing to make it look vintage.

Crossing this bridge all my life and finally taking a picture of it. Washington state is Heaven


I started to play this game called Second Life. Second Life has creative artists and one style I fell in love with was Steampunk. So thinking of ideas, I wanted to design an terrarium. Going to the Thrift store I was able to find things that all fit together perfectly. And this is my creation.
Note: Lamp is not part of the terrarium. History of Steampunk